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Expert Graffiti Removal Serving Las Vegas

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WIPEOUT is a full service graffiti removal company.
guarantees all work. Services include:

  • EXPERT GRAFFITI REMOVAL- walls, buildings, community cleanups, play structures, park equipment, signs, brick, stucco, glass, tile and more
  • HOT WATER POWER CLEANING (Pressure Cleaning)- driveways guaranteed to pass HOA inspections, sanitize play and park structures, sidewalks, building exteriors; patios
  • EFFLORESCENCE REMOVAL- lime and crusted mineral deposits accumulating can cause deterioration and permanent structural damage if not maintained
  • JANITORIAL SERVICES- tenant turnovers, commercial, junk removal
  • GRAFFITI CONTROL PLANS- scheduled and consistent protection for your property


NON TOXIC PRODUCTS USED- Won't harm the landscape, green friendly, biodegradable

CALL US NOW for a FREE estimate @ (702) 822-6135

or email us:

LIMITED TIME OFFER: for all Home Owner Associations, Property Managers, Members of HOA Board of Directors, Real Estate Professionals and all who may benefit.

ONE MONTH FREE: when you sign up for a monthly Graffiti Maintenance Plan [GMP]. That's a whole month of graffiti removal for absolutely nothing! SIGN UP NOW AND TAKE YOUR WORRIES AWAY.



Anything & Everywhere


State, County  & City Licensed, Insured and ALL Work Guaranteed.